When you're staying in these hotels, you're in for a treat. From five-star resorts, to business hotels, whether you're staying for business or leisure, treat yourself to a fine bottle of D+B Wines.


D+B is proud to be the wine shop of choice of some of the finest restaurants in Cebu City. Our wines go great with everything, and pair well with steaks or seafood, French Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, Mexican and Italian.

Partner with us

When you partner with D+B, you get more than the wonderful wines we carry. You also get our expertise. So we'll train your staff in the appreciation of wines and pairing these wines with the appropriate dishes.

Wine Appreciation

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We enjoy sharing our love of wine, so aside from selling you wine, we can also teach you how to appreciate wine. We can organize a tasting with you and your clients, paired with the perfect dishes that compliment the wines. This tasting will be at our wine bar, perfect for a group of up to twenty of your favorite clients and closest friends.

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